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TOROFO-110 Manufacturers


  • Large load capacity tank, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine.
  • Compact size (810 mm).
  • Stability even when fully loaded, front independent wheel drive with tight steering radius.
  • Recovery tank control window for easy cleaning and ordinary maintenance.
  • Easy access to electrical components.
  • Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when
  • the machine is stationary.


Power Supply


Scrubbing / Squeegee width

750/900 mm

Max working capacity

3750 m2/h

Recovery tank capacity

130-155 l/34.35-40.95 gal

Traction type / power

Front motor wheel /600 W

RPM /Pressure on the brushes

170/50 kg /110.23 lbs

Brush motor power

2 x 400 W

Max gradient empty / full tank

13% / 10%

Depression / vacuum motor

1300 mm H₂O/400W

Dimensions / weight

146x81x138 cm

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