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STM Compressor

STM Compressor Manufacturers

It is ideal for all household jobs, for gardening, washing c arslAutomatic stop system I Cleaning the terrace or sidewalks and thanks to the small built in compressor, is also suitable for inflating car, motorbikes and bikes wheels or balls or small rubber dinghy.

Technical Data :140 bar max 1 450 l/h max 12100 W max 1230 V- 50 Hz 1 9.9 Kg

Standard Components:

H.P. gun with quick connection 1 6 m H.P. hose with quick connection, Lance with nozzle head holder 1 Fixed spray nozzle I Turbo Nozzle, Quick cOonnection 3/4"1Fema le, 3 adaptors for inflators / air compressor.

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