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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners at Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

We are well-known and trusted distributors of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. We distribute vacuum cleaners that are designed for a variety of industrial & heavy duty environments. They are well tested for safety and performance purposes.

At the reasonable price range

We understand this fact that price range matters as much as the product itself. Therefore, we have offered these Industrial Vacuum Cleaners at the affordable price range. We assure you that the product quality and cost are something that you are not going to get anywhere. The price range is totally within your budget.

Features of our products:

  • Improve operator comfort and maximise productivity for reliable performance you can trust.
  • Effective in dust and noise sensitive environments with unmatched, high filtration and quiet operation.
  • High performance that removes water effectively from all types of decorative and hard floor surfaces.
  • Keep the floor clear while cleaning tight areas, upholstery, detailing and spot vacuuming.
  • Robust nature of the product.
  • Efficient and have long life.
  • Great suction power.
  • Consume less electricity as compared to other Vacuum Cleaners.


2 silenced two stage motor (SMX 2-24 model). Suction with bypass system cooling.more...


IP65 silenced turbine motor. Settlement float valve.more...


IP65 silenced turbine motor. Settlement float valve.more...

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