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DAMP MOPING Manufacturers

What is Damp Mopping?

It is a cleaning process in which an absorbent material, dampened with detergent and water, removes the dirt that is accumulated on the floor and can cause surface damage. Our synthetic-head or sponge mop works well for the households with small areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways.

Damp Mopping product at Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

What makes us unique? Whether gentle or powerful cleaning, the Damp Mopping products offered by Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd. give the perfect solution for every cleaning task. Where previously dirt dominated, now there is nothing but cleanliness. Make your environment clean and safe!!.

Encouraging Innovative Mopping

Our products have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions. Being the reigning distributors of Sweepers in New Delhi, India, we have to take care of all the small specifications. By displaying our cleaning products, we are encouraging Innovative Mopping.

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