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About Us

With an aim in mind to provide our clients with a good range of Cleaning equipment, Mr. Sachin Wahi founded this organisation in 2017. Fonzo Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is based in New Delhi, India. We deal in many Professional, Domestic, Economic and Automobile sectors. We have provided our impeccable range of Cleaning Equipment to our clients. We believe in “Starting with the Man in the Mirror” approach. Therefore, in order to make India clean, we have to start with ourselves.

Our flawless Cleaning services

We have been providing cleaning & hygiene management services with the cutting edge of automation since 2017. The offering of products and services include cleaning automation systems, cleaning machinery and equipment and onsite cleaning services.

With the help of trained manpower

We have been applying technology and innovation to help our clients gain a competitive edge through the strategic tie-ups with the Global leaders. Our systematic operations include mechanized cleaning and maintenance of coaches, depot premises and train yards. Moreover, we also provide our services in garbage disposal using our trained manpower and specialized disposal systems.

Our satisfied clients

Many companies have realised cleaning is good for their business model. A facility with a clean image and high standards of hygiene attracts and retains tenants & enhances customer experience. Our satisfied clientele has made us one of the leading supplier of Cleaning and Hygiene products.

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